We help you
change lives...

Stampify is a loyalty card for charity that allows you to swap loyalty stamps for meal donations

Available in cafes near you

Find your nearest partner in the Locations page of our app

Join the fight against world hunger


the Stampify app on any iOS or Android device


a QR code displayed in partner businesses after every purchase to collect a stamp worth two meals

Feed Children

by completing the Stampify loyalty card with seven stamps to deliver your meals

Supporting charity has never been easier

Cost-Free Charity

Stampify is completely free to use, partner businesses make donations to provide meals for every stamp you collect

Buy One. Feed Two.

Every time you use Stampify our partner businesses will donate two meals to children in the developing world

Stamp Across Businesses

You can collect stamps from any of our 40+ locations on the same Stampify loyalty card

You will love the impact
you can have on the world

It couldn’t be easier to collect stamps as you go with the Stampify app, and I get great satisfaction from being able to help the developing world while going about my day-to-day life


I love the fact I can help those who really need it without having to do anything different to what I normally do! Going and getting my daily coffee and simply scanning a QR code to donate 2 meals to children in their place of education while doing so - it's so simple yet so effective!


Being able to change lives every time I buy a cup of coffee makes Stampify a no-brainer, I love being able to donate
loyalty stamps to help others


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