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We inspire your customers to keep coming back

Our loyalty card for charity helps you increase sales and work with your customers to change lives

Customers care about charity

Customer Loyalty

87% of people would be more likely to be loyal to a coffee shop/restaurant who supports charity

Preference to Donate Loyalty Rewards

82% of people would give up a reward earned through a loyalty programme to provide meals to children in the developing world

Our charity loyalty system pays for itself

Increase Revenue

By giving out less free loyalty rewards and replacing them with a more affordable charity donation

Improve Loyalty

By supporting causes your customers care about and giving them the option to donate loyalty stamps to charity

Win Customers

By featuing as a partner business on our app and accessing our social media channels

We partner with some of the best coffee shops and restaurants in Ireland

Join them in allowing your customers to swap loyalty stamps for meal donations

Being a business who cares has never been easier


We provide a QR code unique to your business which customers can scan using our app to collect stamps with every purchase


We charge you 25c per stamp collected which is enough to provide two meals to children in the developing world


We collect donations every three months, Stampify is a not-for-profit and no team members receive any income from their work

Start changing lives today

Fight World Hunger

By supporting 19 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean

Encourage Education

by providing meals to children in their schools and equipping them with the education needed to escape poverty

Support Local Economies

by sponsoring locally produced food those ingredients are grown by local farmers

The Stampify Promise

No Contracts

We don’t ask our partners to enter into contracts with us, we trust that our loyalty card for charity will work for your business

No Subscription Fees

We don’t charge any subscription fees, you only pay for the loyalty stamps that you give out through Stampify

No Hardware or Software Required

Stampify works straight out of the box, we send you a A5 stand with a QR code unique to your business that can be set up instantly

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