1. For Users:

What is Stampify?

Stampify is a social initiative that allows users to donate meals to help fight world hunger, by completing a Stampify loyalty card with loyalty stamps from partner businesses.

Essentially, it’s a loyalty card for charity!

How do I use Stampify?

To use Stampify, you simply pick up a Stampify loyalty card from any partner business, and request a loyalty stamp after you make a purchase.

You can then mix-and-match loyalty stamps from our different partners to complete the card, before returning it to any of them.

For every completed card, partners make a donation to our affiliate charity that provides enough funding to feed a child for a week in their place of education.

How does mixing and matching loyalty stamps on the card work?

With Stampify, you are able to use stamps from any of our partner businesses to complete the loyalty card, as opposed to only being allowed to use stamps from one business which is the case with traditional loyalty card systems. Each restaurant makes a donation in line with the amount of their stamps that have been collected.

To illustrate this, say you have completed a Stampify with 8 loyalty stamps from partner businesses. 4 stamps are from partner A, 3 stamps from partner B and 1 from partner C, and you return the card to partner C.

Partner C doesn’t make the full donation simply as the card was returned to them, rather 4 stamps are added to partner A’s stamp pool, 3 to partner B’s and 1 to partner C’s. Every quarter, we total up the number of each restaurant’s stamps that have been collected, and partners make a donation corresponding to this amount.

Where can I use Stampify?

You can use Stampify in any of our partner business, who are displayed on our partners page. If there is a restaurant or coffee shop that you would like to see use Stampify, please let us know by filling out this form.

Do you only provide meals?

Currently, we are focused on meal provision to fight world hunger. However, in the future we will look to also support longer-term development programs surrounding global poverty.

How does Stampify give meals to those in need?

To provide meals to fight world hunger, we have partnered with international aid charity Mary’s Meals. For every completed card, partners make a donation to Mary’s Meals which is used to feed a child for a week.

2. For Partners:

Why should I partner with Stampify?

Stampify offers a range of benefits such as increased sales by supporting a cause that customers care about, increased revenue by offering a cheaper alternative to traditional loyalty card systems, and cost-effective marketing where any cost incurred is donated to charity.

Becoming a Stampify partner business is extremely cost-effective, and works out to be a fraction of the cost of traditional loyalty systems.

At the same time, there is the added bonus that the cost of being a partner goes towards fighting world hunger.

If you would like more information on the cost structure for partner businesses, and a cost analysis personalised for your business, please contact us here.

How does Stampify affect my businesses’ day-to-day operations?

One of the main benefits of Stampify is that it allows businesses to give back to a good cause with minimum impact on their day-to-day operations.

Partners simply stamp a Stampify loyalty card any time a Stampify user makes a purchase in-store, and we handle the rest.

To sign up to Stampify, please contact us.

How does Stampify work with my current loyalty system?

Stampify works alongside the current loyalty systems partners have in place, it is a complement rather that a substitute in this regard.

Customers will always have the option to use a partner’s own loyalty system, or use Stampify. In this way it is an added bonus to partners. Customers who want to use Stampify will now have the choice to do so, for those who don’t want to use Stampify nothing changes.

Of course, Stampify can be used by any business.

3. Transparency

How does Stampify fund its operations?

To fund operations (printing, marketing, etc) Stampify takes a % of partner donations.

None of the team receive any compensation, and once costs are covered 100% of proceeds are passed on to charity.

Do you have any questions not answered here?

If so, please reach out to us using this form